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All About Houseplants: A Talk with Daniel Greiner

Join us on Saturday, March 30, 2019 from 2-4pm while he guides you through his tips and tricks to keeping your houseplants not just happy, but thriving. Some topics that will be covered are pest management, safe effective insecticides, how to recognize and ID common houseplant pests, fertilizers, re-potting, Watering techniques, artificial lighting, and how to set up a inexpensive, energy efficient, and Simple light stand to expand your growing needs. He will also talk about other common ailments that effect houseplants from low humidity to root rot and more! You will receive a copy of the presentation and we encourage you to bring your additional questions to this class. This is the third time we have offered this course. Due to popular demand and feedback from our previous sessions I am pleased to offer this modified course. This course covers topics that not only relate to houseplants but any plants grown in pots, or containers both inside or outside.