Note: Microgreen production is paused until further notice.  Thank you for understanding!

Microgreens Buyers Club

We are excited to kick off our microgreens buyers club!  For the past year, we've been scheming about bringing freshly cut nutrient-packed baby greens to our customers, and we're finally going to give it a shot!

We're loosely using the term microgreens to refer to any baby plant we're encouraging you to eat, and not differentiating much between shoots, sprouts, and true microgreens.  Our microgreens are delicious additions to salads, sandwiches, soups, stir-fry, egg dishes, atop a warm pasta...I could go on.  Our selection will likely vary with the season and our desire to mix things up!

So how will this buyers club work?  Every other week or so, you will receive an email like this with the microgreen availability and a link to the order form.  If you'd like to order any greens that week, you'll complete the order form and pick up the greens on the day noted on the order form.  We will cut the greens on that day to guarantee freshness, and you can pay at the time of pick-up.  There is no longterm commitment involved- if one week you'd like greens, and the next you don't, that's totally fine!

Flexibility in ordering does mean we may not always have all greens available, as we gauge interest and figure out how much we need to grow. 

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